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Word/phrase                                                                                                                                Possible translation


IIII Argumentum: Justitia e[st?] oboedientia eotm[?] des[?] virtutes seh[?]        Argument 4: Justice is obedience [unknown] [unknown] virtues [unknown]



Other recognizable words or phrases :

Word/phrase                                                            Possible translation

 fides                                                                            faith

 ex lege                                                                        from the law

qam [quam?]  fides apprehendit no[n?] prometetur       how much faith seizes is not merited

Justitia legalis est obdia solm[?] oes[?] virtutes              Justice by the law[?] is placed against[?] only[?] [unknown] virtues

iustitia intelligitur                                                           justice is understood

Deo agitur                                                                   is driven by God