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 Headings:  None 


Other recognizable words or phrases :

Word/phrase                                                                                    Possible translation

Gratia & veritas [unknown symbol] Jesus Christus[?]                        Grace and truth of Jesus Christ[?]

[Cle?]mens Alexandrinus fuit scriptor Ecclesiasticus                            [Cle?]mens Alexandrinus was the writer Ecclesiasticus [of Ecclesiastes?]

Note on above: This may refer to the second century theologian Clement of Alexandria.  Follow this link to the Wikipedia article.  Could this be

a reference to his "Ecclesiastical Canon" of which only a single passage reportedly survives?


coram Deo justificetur                                                                        in the face of [or presence of] God it is [will be? should be?] justified

DEI in nobis est illa iustitia qua justificatur                                            of GOD in us is that justice by which it is justified

Hoec est definitio iustitiae [unintelligible] [unintelligible] iustitita Egtica[?] est iustitia imputata [unknown symbol--perhaps for "per"] [unintelligible] DEI

[unknown abbreviation] sola fide apprehenditur 


This is the definition of justice  [unintelligible] [unintelligible] justice Egtica ["Egtica" has yet to be  defined to this writer] is justice imputed [per?] GOD  [unknown abbreviation] only faith is apprehended.