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This page consists of sections 91, 92, and 93 in their entirety and (presumably) parts of sections 90 and 94.


Section 91 comments:

Is "Syrac. 5"  a reference to the Wisdom/Proverbs of Ben Syrac?

Is what appears to be "De ppitiato petto" a contraction for "de propitiato peccatto"?   Is this a part of "De propitiato peccatto noli esse sine metu..."

from Ecclesiastes 5:5?  My rough translation: "Of forgiven sin no one is to be without fear..."




Section 92 comments:



Credere justificat.  Credere e~ actio. E. action justifi... Rx. Credere e~ actio duphiei[?] respectu I. DEI ratione p[er?] fidem in nobis efficit & plurit. 

Sic fides e~ actio DEI agentis


Rough Translation:  To believe justifies.  To believe is action.  From action justifi... Take:  To believe is action [translation in progress] Thus faith is

action by the agent of GOD.



Section 93 comments:


Phrase                                                                           Possible Translation


Opera S.S. sunt perfecta.                                                The works of the holy spirit are perfect [complete?].