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iustitia universalis philosopho[r?]o e[st?] impletio legis, aut[?] [unknown] obdia lege debita[s?]
Universal justice for the philosopher is of satisfied law, either [unknown] against the law of debt
An vero no[n] sufficit hoc ad inte=gram legis impletionem   [unknown] indeed this is not adequate for complete satisfaction of the law
Dei obdia debeat e[ss]e p[?]fecta iustitia   translation in progress
Hoc[?] est iustitia cora[s?] Deo   translation in progress
Iga[?] DEUS no[n?] accipit [unknown] nihilum[?] aut imperfectum   translation in progress
Hec est impletio legis   translation in progress
Iustitia carnis no[n] meretur [unknown] nec est iustitia coram DEO, nec est impletio legis   translation in progress